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Guest star: Stephen Dunham as Chad Brackett Absent: Robbie Amell as Jimmy Madigan On Friday the 13th, True lends Lulu a dress from the vault for her to wear at her cousin's dance party, unaware that it is a one-of-a-kind prototype. Amanda overloads on beauty products in preparation for her high school reunion.

When True finds out, she and Amanda must get the dress off Lulu at the dance before Max finds out. True, Lulu, and Ryan find Amanda's old High School yearbook.

After True fires Lulu, True begins to feel ashamed for firing her best friend.

After receiving unexpected advice from Amanda (Danielle Bisutti), True apologizes to Lulu and re-hires her.

At first she was very psyched because when Oscar (Ron Butler) tells her this.

The series revolves around True Jackson (Keke Palmer), a fashion-savvy teenage girl who becomes the vice president of the youth apparel division of Mad Style, a fashion company based in New York City.

True tries to mend Max's broken heart by fixing him up with her school's librarian Doris (Melanie Paxson) after he learns his ex-fiancée is marrying someone else.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Oscar bond over their secret love of a ridiculous sci-fi.

True pretends to be Dakota but then is saved when the real Dakota shows up.

Meanwhile, Ryan tries to get a girl working at Happy Berry Yum Yum (unknown if operated through Mad Style or independently) by convincing Lulu to pretend to be his girlfriend. After hearing this, True and Lulu go undercover as boys, to find the type clothes skater boys wear, they also find out Ryan can't skate.

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True tells Dakota that she should go and have fun instead of being cranky and advises her to go to her friends party, but True doesn't realize that the conference is taking place that same day.